Reasons: Part IV


If you are just joining, please see Reasons: Part I , Reason: Part II, and Reasons: Part III.

The Bible is open to interpretation. Everyone interprets it in the way that suits them best or serves their purposes.

Were the Apostles just interpreting Scripture the way that best suited them in order to be thrown into prison, stoned, or crucified?  Are Christians now interpreting Scripture the way that suits them best in order to face persecution and even sometimes martyrdom?

Even in the free country of America, is is far easier to live a life of one’s own choosing than the Christian life.  Choosing to live as a Christian means that I daily kill my flesh and the desires of the flesh, and I pour my life out for Jesus.  In the eternal, yes it does serve me best.  But in the flesh, I have chosen a harder life.

The Bible is somewhat open to interpretation.  So is the statement given above.  Every word is open to interpretation.  But that does not mean it is inaccurate.  Besides, it is an enormous blanket statement to say that EVERYONE interprets the Bible in the way that suits them best or serves their own purposes best.  Certainly there are people that take the verses in the Bible that they like and use them for their own purposes.  That does not mean that the Bible cannot be trusted; it simply empasizes that people are not trustworthy and we must trust in a Power higher than we are: the Lord Jesus Christ.


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