Entering Giveaways- Part II

After winning the cloth diaper in a contest last week, I decided it is definitely worth the efforts to enter contests. Some contests I have found have relatively low entries, so the chances of winning seem worth the time it takes to enter. Other contests I have a much lower chance of winning, but I still find it fun to enter. If I won even ONE of the bigger (cost-wise) items that I need for the baby, that would be a great blessing to my budget!

I figured out a few things that I think are helpful if you are in the market for any item.

– Google the item name + giveaway + current month and year. Example: carseat giveaway January 2012.

– Using these specifics, I was able to find great contests for several items I specifically am hoping to get for the baby. You can be more specific and use the brand if you prefer: “Britax giveaway January 2012”.

– One of the great giveaways I came across is for the Britax Boulevard 70.  A Nation of Moms has a contest going on right now where someone will win this great car seat! I am excited (and hopeful!) as this is one of my top car seat choices for the upcoming arrival. We really would like a car seat that goes from birth – toddler size. I’m not a carrier car-seat person, and we don’t have extra space to store a second seat. Britax safety record makes it my top pick!


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