Sensory Activities

At any given time, I have a half a dozen activities in my head that I want to implement with my toddler. She has a very active mind and is curious about the world around her. We rarely have a day where we stay home, because my social butterfly needs to see the world- even if that world is Costco.

The project I have wanted to experience with for a while is creating Sensory Bins. It is creating a space for exploratory play using objects and textures. Playing with dry beans would be an example, but I envision beautiful bins with colorful water beads, plastic animals, and carefully crafted scenery. I obviously still believe I can create what I see on Pinterest.

Here are some of the sensory ideas I want to try:

– Colorful spagetti

– Pond life with water beads, small plastic animals, etc.

– Glass marbles/ stones (I have some larger ones that are not choking hazards)

Pictures and feedback to come!