Entrusted with Sk8er Boys

God is so faithful to bring people in our lives that need to hear the gospel.  My last witnessing encounter could not have been more brought into my path if the kid had skateboarded right in front of my car… oh wait, that is what happened!  I parked, grabbed tracts, and went to talk to the kids.

Skater kids are almost always open to talking.  They are usually running in a small pack of other like kids.  And they have time on their hands.  So we started talking.

I gave them tracts and asked about their eternal destination.  One kid skated off to try out another trick.  Another kid was in and out of the conversation, but his first question for me was, “What if I’m going to hell?”  He informed me he had been arrested several times.  The guy that was most willing to talk informed me he was Mormon.  But then he changed his story a bit to tell me that he did not believe in religion.  I always love to run with that line- because  I am not into religion either!  I am about Jesus.

I gave them a quick gospel presentation and encouraged them to read the tracts later.  It was an encounter that I wished I had handled better, but I know God can work, even through my unclear speech.  I know those skater boys will think about the conversation.  It is not every day that one is asked to think about what comes next.  If nothing else, their thoughts were turned towards eternity.


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