Kitchen Tip: Tomatillos

As I made my Weekly Menu Plan¬†this week, I decided to try a new recipe: Mexicali Corn. I’m not a big recipe follower, but I did decide to add an ingredient to my shopping list that I have never purchased. Tomatillos. I didn’t even know where to look for them. And I certainly can’t pronounce the word. And with my luck, the manager at the store looked like he was fluent in Spanish.

I did the nervous innocent shopper thing and asked the manager if he knew if they sold those green-Mexican-tomato things. The word “tomatillo” rolled off his tongue with a flare I can only hope to emulate one day. It cost $0.48 for one usable sized tomatillo. And I am looking forward to trying it out in the recipe later this week. If it’s edible, I will share the results.

My tip: don’t shy away from a recipe because of a foreign-to-you ingredient. And don’t be afraid to try out a new product even if you can’t pronounce the name of it. ūüôā


Weekly Menu- 1.9.12

I definitely find that meal planning helps our family. With planning, I save money by shopping for specific meals versus random products that sound good on a whim. I save time both in shopping and in cooking, since I have a plan. I don’t have to forage through my fridge to try to come up with plan for dinner when I already have the menu laid out. Since my work schedule is mostly afternoons/early evenings, it is important that I have dinner put together before I leave. On days when I work, I try to have something that is easy to reheat or easy to put together when I get home. Soups, crockpot meals, and one dish casseroles are my go-to choices. Since we are a family of two, I can stretch most meals into at least two days. My husband is a fan of leftovers, so it makes my job much easier. ūüôā

Also- I tend to have my greens for lunch (big salads with fresh veggies, hard boiled egg, etc.) so dinners don’t always include a green.

Monday- Chili & Cornbread

Tuesday- leftovers

Wednesday- Crockpot Barbecue Chicken (shredded for sandwiches) & Mexicali Corn

Thursdays- leftovers

Friday- pizza night!


Entering Giveaways!

In a search to stay on a reasonable budget while getting everything needed for a baby, I have started participating in giveaways. So far I haven’t won anything, but I’m not giving up yet!

Diaper Junction is giving away an XBOX Kinect as well as some great gift certificates!


Blogging Hiatus and the New Year

I’m not sure when my last entry was. (Just peeked: September 2010.) Obviously I’m not an avid blogger. But I’m wondering if now might be the time to renew my blogging habit. And reform my mission.

– It’s the start of 2012 which means it would be a nice New Year’s Goal to blog consistantly.

– I have been Entrusted With so many new things since I last blogged: a husband, my own home, and a little one on the way.

– These new loves will be defining marks for my blog. I have been Entrusted With much, and this blog will be my reflections, thoughts, and journey thru this special season of my life.

What to expect:

– Spiritual Reflections: Scripture, books, thoughts, sermons.

– Baby Budget: getting things in order for a little one in a frugal way!

– Husband & Home: loving my husband and caring for my home.


There is Nothing

I have been gripped. ¬†I had heard the name David Platt a few times over the past few weeks. ¬†And I’m a bit of a sermon snob. ¬†I like a select few in the speaking world and really do not find myself with much desire to add to my limited list.

So I watched a little series David Platt did at the SBC.  It was good.  It was quite good.  So I downloaded a few podcasts.  They are even better.

Now lest you think I am taken by a quick wit and interesting sermon- I must give a disclaimer.  Platt is only occasionally funny.  But Platt is always about the gospel.

Perhaps you are like me, and there are times when you wrestle with “the gift of singleness”. ¬†Sometimes it is the gift that we didn’t put on our wish list. ¬†But when David Platt talks about it, it all becomes clear. ¬†When I am longing for heaven, my longing for all other things diminishes.

Listen for yourself: http://itunes.apple.com/podcast/brook-hills-audio/id319699838

#130- The Gospel & Singleness

(Certainly not limited to singles!  The truth of this message surpasses relationship status.)

Whom have I in heaven but you?
And there is nothing on earth that I desire besides you. – Psalm 73:25


Worthless Idols- Part I

Over the past several weeks I have been wrestling with the concept of what it truly means to live as a follower of Jesus. ¬†I find myself thinking that it does not look anything like the life of the average American-Labled-Christian. ¬†I’m afraid, at times, that it does not even look like the lives of my friends. ¬†And then I realize it does not look like my life either.

I truly believe that we have redefined the Christian life to be whatever is better than the average. ¬†If I am a Christian who “actually reads my Bible”, or if I am a Christian who attends church regularly, or if I am Christian who is in seminary, or reads spiritual books, or talks about faith, then somehow that is enough. ¬†It seems we take society, throw in a little Scripture, and call it the Christian life. ¬†It seems we should take Scripture, find the model of the Christian life, and live like we really believe in the Jesus who asks us to deny ourselves and take up our cross.

I do not believe denying ourselves means filling our free time with whatever is convenient.  I do not believe taking up our cross includes countless hours in front of a television screen.  I believe it is a hard, challenging, daily decision.  And I believe it is worth it.


$200 in 2 weeks Update

As of today, I am at $158 out of $200 in just under 2 weeks. ¬†Praise God! ¬†I have not quite made the $200 goal, but I still feel good about having cleaned out a few items and finding a few more dollars in my bank account. ¬†There are still more items I have listed on Half.com and my school’s sale page, so more $$$ could flow in soon!