Blogging Hiatus and the New Year

I’m not sure when my last entry was. (Just peeked: September 2010.) Obviously I’m not an avid blogger. But I’m wondering if now might be the time to renew my blogging habit. And reform my mission.

– It’s the start of 2012 which means it would be a nice New Year’s Goal to blog consistantly.

– I have been Entrusted With so many new things since I last blogged: a husband, my own home, and a little one on the way.

– These new loves will be defining marks for my blog. I have been Entrusted With much, and this blog will be my reflections, thoughts, and journey thru this special season of my life.

What to expect:

– Spiritual Reflections: Scripture, books, thoughts, sermons.

– Baby Budget: getting things in order for a little one in a frugal way!

– Husband & Home: loving my husband and caring for my home.


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