I am reminded of the pain of suffering so clearly right now.  I feel so blessed that my suffering is not of intensity of some I know.  The dear friend of a friend who lost her husband and is left with two small children.  The parents who are grieving the drowning of their small daughter in my local community.  The friend whose husband is facing eternity after a rock climbing accident.  His three children and wife are left behind, and I can only wonder where there hope lies.

As I thought back on what I knew of this man, I’m not sure that I even ever met him.  But I remember his wife talking about him.  I remember her discussing his spiritual journey the cleansing he went through with his guru-Deepak Chopra.  I was saddened that in my limited conversations with this family, one of my clearest memories is of their misguided draw towards New Age Philosophy.  I hope that he was saved at some point during his lifetime.  But my heart broke more grievously as I thought that the eternal resting place of his soul is quite possibly not in heaven.

Time is so short.  We do not know when the Lord will take us from this world and into eternity.  While I trust His sovereignty in suffering, I also want to use this as a reminder to redeem my time.  My life is worthless if not lived for Him.  My breath is in vain if it’s not used to speak the words of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  How I long to proclaim Him.

Cease from striving and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth. Psalm 46:10


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