Of Comfy Chairs and Countless Sermons


Here’s to regular blogging again!  I do not know how long it will last since I am looking ahead to what promises to be an insanely busy fall.  I am thrilled with most of the busyness.  It will center around managing my business, teaching my students, taking quite a few classes, being with my family, and hopefully maintaining a level of organization in my personal life.

My baby sister turned eight this week.  That makes me feel sufficiently old.  I do believe it is high time for my mom to have grandkids.  Considering I am ten years older than my next sibling, I suppose that makes it my job to bear said children.  I look forward to being a mommy- especially with the recent downpour of babies from my friends.  But I am also so very excited and thankful for this season of my life to pursue educational goals that will hopefully lead to future ministry goals that would simply not be possible if I found myself in a different season of life.

I spend a lot of time staring at my computer screen.  I recently made an addition to my room of a comfy loungy chair of sorts that is becoming permanantly imprinted with my backside.  I like it a lot.  My thought in the addition of the chair to my room is that it will help get me out of bed in the mornings and into an upright position where I can better begin my day.  (Prior to this chair, my morning routine involved rolling over, opening my laptop, and staring at the screen through bleary eyes while pressing send/receive half a dozen times.)  Next to my chair is my book basket which houses my Bibles, current reading material, journal, etc.

When I am working on my computer or even around my room, I like to put on a sermon.  Paul Washer is my favorite of late (see Twitter!).  I told a friend this week that it is kind of like an I.V. drip.  I almost incessantly have a Paul Washer sermon playing.  I love how he dives in deep and always brings things back to the Gospel.  When I am not listening to Paul Washer, I listen to John Piper.  I have not decided which of these amazing men is my favorite preacher.  Perhaps when I finish listening to all of their sermons (possibly by the time I’m 92), I will be able to decide on a favorite.

Just a few random personal reflections…

Coming this week:

  • Entrusted With A Dirtbike Racer
  • Thoughts on Suffering: Part II

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