Friday Find: Reach Records

Will you understand that Christ is King? Or will you just like the words we sing after the music stops.

It’s a line from a song.  But not just another Christian song.  It’s a song from LeCrae.

Now I’ve heard of Lecrae on a couple of occasions and listened to his songs a few times.  But something really hit me this time I looked up the Reach Records website.  I was convicted when I listened to the music.  And I liked it.  Both.

Even if rap is not your style of choice, please take a moment to see what is happening over at Reach Records. It is music packed out with convicting lyrics, theology, and talent.


Entrusted With My Business

I never realized when I opened my own business that it would be such a fertile ground for ministry.  From making classes accessible through low tuition rates and scholarship opportunities to providing a healthy environment for kids, there is something special happening at this place God has given to me.

Opportunities also come up to talk about faith.  Just this week I dealt with a set of cousins that are dear girls but both struggle with their own personal issues relating to family.  They have been spending a bit too much time together and are starting to get on each other’s nerves.  In her frustration, one cousin made some very embarrassment comments about the other in front of the group of kids.  A lesson in reconciliation was in order.  Though the conversation was directive in nature, I could see both girls soften as they apologized and offered forgiveness to one another.  Even more than what was happening between them was the seeming relief of having a mediator.  They both felt loved.  After a few minutes of conversation, one of the girls said she wished I would come live with them.

The conversation was such a reminder that kids thrive within good boundaries.  This same little girl lied to me earlier in the week telling me she had not brought a drink with the hope that I would give her soda.  I corrected her and gave instruction for how she should have handled the situation.  She apologized, and today when she wanted soda, she politely followed the instructions, “Miss Jenny, I brought water, but I would still like something else to drink.  May I have some soda?”

I am entrusted with my business, with the families, and the students.  The best part of this week was not the new enrollment numbers, the mostly-well-behaved kids, or the much needed rent money that came in.  The best part of this week was getting to talk about Jesus with a couple of the students and getting to shower some love on kids.  Praise God that He has entrusted me with my business.


Beauty in the Eyes of God

I am a magazine flipper. I am that person that will turn the magazines backwards when with my brothers or brothers in Christ. I have been disgusted by guys walking through the store and stopping with a gawking look at the cover of a magazine with a scantily clad woman. What the model found perhaps artistic in posing with more skin that fabric showing has in turn made her the object of lust in the minds and hearts of men.

There was a truth I did not begin to understand about myself until a few years ago. I, too, am effected by what I see on the covers of magazines, in movies, on TV, and anywhere the media infiltrates my life. When I see what our world considers perfection in a woman, I begin to lust as well. I am not lusting in the same way a man does when he sees the same image. But I am allowing my view of beauty to be shaped by the world’s standards.

Even if I am looking at what is deemed handsome by the world, I am allowing myself to be drawn towards that definition of attractiveness. I can assure you that a photo on the cover of a magazine cannot begin to capture true godly masculinity. The strength of the heart cannot be captured in a photograph.

We do need to fight temptation at its source. We need to avoid situations that will cause us to stumble. We need to flip magazines at times and help guard the eyes of our brothers, but we also need to guard our own eyes and hearts. The Lord’s standard of beauty is far different from the world’s standard. We can look around and see the Creator of all life- who declared His creation good- and know that He sees beauty in various colors, shapes, and sizes. His idea of beauty is not limited to what makes the cover of a magazine.


As if a Day: 07.05.09

The weeks pass as if a day…

This week’s highlights were:

  • Beautiful weather!
  • One of my favorite holidays: the 4th of July!
  • A great parade- we passed out bunches of free class cards and stirred up some good interest in the studio!
  • The pastor’s sermon on sin- such a reminder of how great the grace of God is!
  • A great answered prayer for a family medical issue.
  • Did I mention one of my favorite holidays, the 4th of July, was this week?  I love, love, love cuddling up with my little siblings while watching fireworks!