Creating A Tract


I am in the process of creating a gospel tract.  My goal is something that is streamlined, attractive, easy to read, and most importantly communicates the essential elements of the gospel.  (In case you are wondering, the tract will be available here once it is printed.)

As I have searched through various sources, I have to laugh at some of the tracts that are being produced these days. If I was a non-Christian and was handed a tract the length of a novel, I would not read it.  If I was handed a tract that was chocolate-scented, I would throw it away.  (Yes, I really did find a chocolate scented tract in my browsing through various tracts.)  I would want something that seemed to match the media quality of other mainstream material I receive if I was to take it seriously.

Now I am thankful that there are all kinds of tracts and more importantly that there are people handing out tracts.  I know that if God can speak through a donkey, He can certainly speak through a tract that does not meet my personal preferences.

The most important thing is that we are to put forth our best effort when doing something for the Lord.  If I am going to hand a tract to someone, I want it to reflect my desire to to do things for the glory of God.

I have a friend that tosses tracts when they get crumpled.  He does not want to hand someone something that is of poor quality or condition.  I respect that.  Jesus did not give us His second best on the cross.  He gave His all, and when we share the gospel, we need to give our best.  Now this is not to make us look good but rather to make Him look great.  He is worthy!

5 thoughts on “Creating A Tract

  1. Your friend should put crumpled tracts in bathrooms. I don’t know about guys, but girls sometimes will pick up something they see in the bathroom to read.

    • Sometimes we do leave tracts laying around in various places. He orders 5,000 at a time, so there are always more even when a crumpled one finds its final resting place in a trashcan. 🙂

  2. Well, it sounds like your on tract.
    I know what your getting at as far as you want it to “look” the best, but over and above that I would be concerned with it’s content. You are right regarding it’s length being not too long, and to the point.
    I have written a few of them. What’s best about writing your own and then passing them out, is that it’s personal. It is one that you would read. It has your personal touch. Of course, you will seek Him to guide you in the making thereof.
    God bless your efforts!

    • Thank you for the thoughts, Richard. My focus is on content- I am having several people review the tract before I get it printed. I agree with the fact that it’s personal to pass out something that I have created- I am excited about that aspect of it! Thank you for the encouragement!

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