As if a Day: 07.05.09

The weeks pass as if a day…

This week’s highlights were:

  • Beautiful weather!
  • One of my favorite holidays: the 4th of July!
  • A great parade- we passed out bunches of free class cards and stirred up some good interest in the studio!
  • The pastor’s sermon on sin- such a reminder of how great the grace of God is!
  • A great answered prayer for a family medical issue.
  • Did I mention one of my favorite holidays, the 4th of July, was this week?  I love, love, love cuddling up with my little siblings while watching fireworks!

One thought on “As if a Day: 07.05.09

  1. I’m glad you like it! For whatever reason July 4th is rather a non-holiday for me. I don’t mean that I’m unpatriotic, it’s just I don’t have any traditions for it, and this year I skipped celebrating altogether. Okay, I watched 24, but that’s a rather passive celebration!

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