Reasons: Part IV


If you are just joining, please see Reasons: Part I , Reason: Part II, and Reasons: Part III.

The Bible is open to interpretation. Everyone interprets it in the way that suits them best or serves their purposes.

Were the Apostles just interpreting Scripture the way that best suited them in order to be thrown into prison, stoned, or crucified?  Are Christians now interpreting Scripture the way that suits them best in order to face persecution and even sometimes martyrdom?

Even in the free country of America, is is far easier to live a life of one’s own choosing than the Christian life.  Choosing to live as a Christian means that I daily kill my flesh and the desires of the flesh, and I pour my life out for Jesus.  In the eternal, yes it does serve me best.  But in the flesh, I have chosen a harder life.

The Bible is somewhat open to interpretation.  So is the statement given above.  Every word is open to interpretation.  But that does not mean it is inaccurate.  Besides, it is an enormous blanket statement to say that EVERYONE interprets the Bible in the way that suits them best or serves their own purposes best.  Certainly there are people that take the verses in the Bible that they like and use them for their own purposes.  That does not mean that the Bible cannot be trusted; it simply empasizes that people are not trustworthy and we must trust in a Power higher than we are: the Lord Jesus Christ.


I Love the Virtual…

But I love the actual even more…

A New Style of the Limbo

A New Style of the Limbo

Summer Camps at my studio are in full swing, which means less time to blog (for a few days).  The girls had such fun doing the Limbo… with a little twist.

Stay posted this week: Wordless Wednesday, Reasons: Part IV, and more!


Open Your Mouth… With Wisdom

One of my dear little dance students has such a way with words.  She is the child that will talk to everyone… and then talk, and talk, and talk some more.  She is the one that is sure to let me know she is being a good listener- by talking.  As I sat down in the waiting area with some of the dance moms, she asked, “Would you please pray for my mom?”  “Of course,” was my reply.  “What’s wrong?”  In her typical projecting voice she said, “Oh, it’s kind of private!”  

You see, word travels quickly with this little girl.  She means well, but she hasn’t quite learned the art of bridling her tongue.  I wonder how many of us are just as quick to speak when given the chance.  We look forward to getting the latest news and quickly e-mailing, texting, or blogging it for the world to see.  We take lightly the confidence others place in us.  We guise gossip with sharing information for the purpose of prayer.  We betray confidence even in the small things.  

I think of the Proverbs 31 woman who, “opens her mouth with wisdom.”  (Proverbs 31:26a).  How convicting to think of the number of times I have opened my mouth in foolishness.  But it is no mistake that godly speech is addressed in the picture of Proverbs 31.  Using wisdom in our words is an area where we can all grow in grace.  Let us not be like little girls, quick to speak and share others’ secrets.  Let us be slow to speak so that when we open our mouths, it is with wisdom.


Reasons: Part III


If you are just joining, please see Reasons: Part I and Reason: Part II.

If God loves us and wants us to know and believe in him, why be so completely invisible? What is the purpose of being so illusive to those who believe and worship him?

This is an interesting reason for rejecting Christianity.  First, it can be argued that God is not invisible.  He came to earth as a man, Jesus, and revealed Himself in human form to hundreds of eye witnesses who recorded the account in Scripture.  Second, anyone that has seen a glimpse of God has hardly been able to handle it.  Think about Moses when he came off the mountain after meeting with God.  His face shone and the people could hardly look at him.  And they were only seeing the effect of God, not God Himself.  We could not handle seeing the glory of God in the infinite form.

However, we do see glimpses of God all around us.  Creation evidences God.  Our very existence is evidence of God.  The design around us indicates a Designer.

For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own parts have said, For we are also his offspringActs 17:28 KJV

So my restatement of the reason would be:

God’s glory is so great that we cannot see Him and live.  In His goodness, we see evidences of Him through the creation, through the eyewitness accounts of His Son recorded in Scripture, and through our very existence.  He is invisible only to those who choose not to see the evidences He has given.