Entrusted with My Mechanic


The deeper one gets to the heart of evangelism, the less intimidating it is to talk to people about the Gospel.  My mechanic has quite a presence.  Ok, he is huge.  At six and a half feet tall, he just does not quite come across as a teddy bear.  But he does like to talk.

So as he ranted about politics and the economy, I could tell he is a thinker.  I used this as the lead in, “It is obvious that you think through things.  So what do you think happens after we die?”  It turns out he is a non-practicing Catholic with a lot of new age philosophy in the mix.  He talked about his concept of old souls and his personal experience with memories from a time past.  Everything was very general because if he were to get too specific, he knows it would not make sense.

So I asked him the question I now like to ask Catholics.  I draw on whatever language they have used and form it into a question.  “So Catholics believe in the Scriptures plus the Apocrypha.  If you believe that those who do well in this life get a straight pass to heaven and those that do not do well get a second chance in purgatory, then why did Jesus come to die?”

He responded with a casual “to pay for our sins” said with a degree of hesitancy that tells me he does not really believe that.  “That’s a good question though,” he said in a pondering tone.  He followed up with questioning Scripture saying that He does not believe it is all true.  Ultimately, he demonstrated to me just how confused he is.  He is a big talker and did not let me get too many words in, but I do think he was encouraged to examine his own beliefs.  I made sure to mention the reality of hell and the importance of being sure we have found the truth.

Talking to my mechanic was a reminder to me how there is no one-size-fits-all approach to sharing the Gospel.  There are methods that work a lot of the time in a street evangelism setting.  But ultimately, sharing the Gospel is an art.  And as with any art, we will only get better with practice.


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