On the Street


May I just start by saying God is SO good!  It has been several weeks since I have hit the streets in my city.  Not from lack of desire, but a variety of things came up.  A last minute phone call from a friend this weekend led to four of us hitting the streets at a huge festival in uptown.  We huddled in prayer, looked around at the crowd, and were a little overwhelmed not knowing quite where to begin.

I started talking to a guy who had been sitting for a while smoking a cigarette.  I gave him a tract and asked him the eternal question.  It was not a great conversation from my perspective.  He was quick to agree to disagree with me about how he thought he would get to heaven.  The thing that I have to keep in mind is that the Holy Spirit is not daunted by what seems like a dead-end conversation.  I pray that God uses the tract and the message of truth to lead the man to repentence and faith in Jesus.

Another conversation with a cell phone sales guy named Mbye was drawn out by his circular reasoning.  He went round, and round, and round… He feels that all paths lead to heaven.  He said his Muslim grandfather and Christian grandmother are in the same place now that they have passed away.  His arguement is that mathmatics is the only absolute.

We talked about the possibility that he could be wrong.  And he said he was fine if he goes before God and is told he chose the wrong path.  Mbye has no fear of hell but more importantly no fear of God.   Pray for his soul as he is searching for truth.

Handing out tracts is a bit like sprinkling seeds.  Some will be thrown away.  Some will be forgotten until a much later time.  Some will be read.  Tracts open doors for future encounters, for conversion, for salvation.  Do not underestimate what God can do through a piece of paper with the message of truth.


4 thoughts on “On the Street

    • Great stuff! I will certainly be subscribing to your blog and looking through your videos. Thanks so much for sharing your links.

  1. Good evening. I just came across your blog via a comment left at “The Word on the Street. (rjperalta) It’s awesome to come across those who are getting the gospel out into their community in like fashion. Gods truth, be it spoken or in written form, will surely accomplish its task.

    Blessings always in Jesus name.


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