15 Chickens in a Mini Van

Chicken for Dinner?

Chicken for Dinner?

We have referred to my home as the city-farm on more than one occasion.  We have a variety of animals at any given time, and chickens have their own little home built from scrap wood and structured in the brush behind our house.  The bird coop has been vacant for nearly a year, but today we decided it was time to move in a new flock.  A drive to a chicken farm provided us with 15 laying hens.

The drive home was eventful- the stench filled the van, and all I could do was laugh at the precocious situation.  My brother is pictured here with two of the birds.  Do not worry, carrying the chickens upside down keeps them calm while loading them into the crates.  And we will not be having Sunny, Blackie, or Tutu for dinner… but we may be having eggs.


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