My Pink Media

My Pink Media

There is much going around the online Christian circle right now about Twitter.  The biggest news is that John Piper has started tweeting.  This news is probably the highlight of my week.  That either speaks volumes for John Piper or very little for my life.

Now here are a few worthwhile Twitter posts to read:

I started tweeting about a month ago.   I had a multi-faceted purpose including expanding my online presense from just the blog to using it as a creative outlet to share truth.  Most importantly, and as has been stated by the above named authors, Twitter, as with all things, should be used to God’s glory.  While I do not think it is necessarily sinful to Tweet about your favorite salad dressing, sometimes online forums provide us with more opportunities to think about ourselves.  We make the best use of media when we use it to point to our Savior.


One thought on “Twitter

  1. All for Him! Somehow I can see the Apostle Paul “tweeting”. “being all things to all men, that I might win some?”
    Let God be glorified!

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