Online for Beginners- Part I

I was reminded today that not all people who find themselves online actually know what they are doing or where to begin.  My mother is a perfect example.  For a while she was convinced there was no “Q” on the computer keyboard because she could not find it.

So here is my meager attempt to introduce you all to the internet.

  • For free e-mail, use Google Mail.  No ads.  It’s just better.
  • For keeping up with all the great blogs you find, use Bloglines.  It’s like a filing cabinet that keeps all your blogs in one place.  (To test it, click “Add” and then type in: ;).)
  • For filter software (and accountability) to protect you and your family from the questionable internet content, use Covenant Eyes.  Not free but worth every penny.

More to come.  And the “Q” is in the upper left corner of the keyboard in case you are searching.

One thought on “Online for Beginners- Part I

  1. THAT’s where the Q was! Haha, it’s funny, because I grew up with the Internet, basically. I mean, we got it when I was 9 or 10, and learned how to use it alongside my parents. I remember the first webpage I ever went to was our local zoo’s…it took like 5 minutes to load. Ever since then, I was hooked!

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