Jehovah’s Witnesses- Part IV

onetruthJehovah’s Witnesses claim that Jesus did not actually rise from the dead in the physical sense.  The Watchtower teaches that the resurrection was that of an invisible spirit.

Luke 24:39 clearly states otherwise:

See my hands and my feet, that it is I myself.  Touch me, and see.  For a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see that I have.

Jesus is speaking to the disciples.  He knows that they are having a difficult time comprehending the resurrection.  They thought they were seeing a ghost.  He tells them to reach out and touch Him.  He was resurrected in the physical body.

Jehovah’s Witnesses rely on the teaching of the Watchtower to lead their religion.  The only text that is qualified to base our beliefs on is the Scriptures.  All else cannot compare with the infallible Word of God in the cannon of Scripture.

A few more posts will follow in the Jehovah’s Witness Series.  There is such vast online resources dealing with the specifics of their beliefs.  I am going to link to some of those resources in the next post and deal with the topic of distractions in the final post.


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