You Didn’t Get to Heaven

coldplay_leftrightleftright Coldplay has offered their latest album LeftRightLeftRightLeft as a free download.  I was intrigued as I listened to a few of the tracks.  The song 42 has the following line:

You didn’t get to heaven but you made it close.

The line caught me by surprise.  It is very true about our society, our churches, and our country.  There is so much truth mixed in with the false teachings.

The problem is that getting close to heaven is not getting to heaven.  And any gospel besides the full gospel is a false gospel.

The caution is that we can look around us and see many people who are so close to heaven.  They may be sitting next to us in church.  They may be in our own family. And the truth is that they are lost.  They are breathing down the neck of truth without it actually being a part of their own lives.  The important distinction is that there is only one other option besides heaven- and that is hell.  People who “made it close” are in hell.  There is no making it close.  There is one way- through the shed blood of Jesus on the cross making atonement for sin that can open up the door of heaven to us.  The closest we can get to heaven without the Savior is hell.


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