Longing for God


Our longing to do something for God should never supersede our desire to know God.  I had this thought as I listened to a Paul Washer clip yesterday.  How often we find ourselves ready to serve God but without the hard pressed hours on our knees in preparation for the service.  I am guilty.  Even as I sit here writing this post, I am reminded of how much I need to read His word and approach the throne of grace on my knees.

I want my desire to first be to know God.  If I ever want to effectively serve Him, I MUST know Him.  It becomes a very self-centered task to do things for God without first knowing what it is He requires.

A man would hesitate to purchase a lawnmower for a woman whose heart he hoped to win.  He would strive to know the heart of that woman and then purchase his gifts in accordance with his knowledge.  A Christian can offer all kinds of nice gifts to God- a life of service, a willing heart, a giving spirit.  But we must first understand the person we are serving in order to be an effective servant.  The priority must be our personal devoted relationship with God above our outward tasks for God.

Do not put to death the desire to be used of God and to do much for His glory.  Simply prioritize the knowledge of Him over all else.  The stronger our relationship is with God, the more naturally the outpouring of our usefulness will be to God.

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