Entrusted With the Waterless Car Wash Guys

I was praying for boldness.  I had wimped out on sharing the Gospel a few too many times.  God loves to answer the prayer for boldness.

A week or so ago I awoke to the following thought: God cares more about the spread of the Gospel than we do.  And apparently God wanted a few guys at the Waterless Car Wash sales table at the gas station to hear what He did for them.

I pulled up to the pump and set the auto fill lever.  With a handful of tracts, I went to see their product demonstration.  It was impressive.

After they finished, I told them I had a question for them.  I passed out tracts to the six guys standing around.

“If you died today, would you go to heaven or hell?”

One guy told me heaven and gave the right reason.  Another guy said he was Catholic and would go to purgatory.  I told him that wasn’t in the Scriptures.

I turned my attention to the other guys and proceeded to go through the Ten Commandments.  I made it through three of the ten, and by that point they understood that they had broken God’s law.  We talked about what Jesus did for them.  The whole conversation lasted minutes.  The implications of it will last for eternity.

Seeds were planted.  Praying for the Holy Spirit to do His work.


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